I'm James Casia, a solutions alchemist adept at transmuting raw ideas into real, functional products.

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Passionate Software Engineer with focus on Mobile development & Machine Learning. Has experience shipping apps and websites with thousands of users. Currently building GCrypto, a cryptocurrency wallet/market mini-app on GCash exposed to GCash's 80 million user base. Working in a high-velocity remote AGILE team applying Test Driven Development. Also co-founder and Team Lead of Fliptoons, a web-comic reading site that also hosts comic competitions and has over 1000 users and 500+ monthly visits.

Software Engineer
May 2022 - Present

  • Building and integrating a Crypto Trading feature on a fintech app with over 55 million users
  • Implementing the front-end and integrating with APIs using Flutter and OpenAPI
  • Working in a high-velocity remote AGILE team applying Test Driven Development

Frontend Developer & Team Lead
June 2021 - Present

Cebu, Philippines

  • Fliptoons is a web comic platform that also hosts web comic competitions. It is funded by Grant For The Web
  • I designed and built the frontend of the site and managed to get 1000 users with 400+ monthly visits.
  • I planned, oversaw the whole project and worked with a 3-person team in a fully remote setting.

Machine Learning Enthusiast & Blogger
Jan 2020 – Present

  • Develop and maintain a blog where I talk about ML (Machine Learning) including implementation of DL (Deep Learning) techniques, GANs, and deploying ML models on the cloud.
  • Devised and studied a technique to make Voice Replication training faster as a thesis project with the use of Tacotron and a novel voice encoder loss.
  • Partook specializations on Machine Learning, Deep Learning, NLP, and GANs. Joined and won ML/DS competitions.

Software Developer Intern
July 2021 – August 2021

Cebu, Philippines

  • Updated and re-designed the production sites of one of the company’s clients. HTML, CSS, Gatsbyjs
  • Designed and contributed to developing a code snippet storage app and developed the CRUD with Firebase.

Mobile Developer
January 2020 - December 2020

Cebu, Philippines

  • Worked with clients in implementing their ideas to real apps with Flutter.
  • Built Mansana, a full-fledged productivity app with collaboration features, and pomodoro!
  • Also joined and won multiple hackathons and software development competitions as a mobile developer.

The project is an API designed for the ResNet50 CNN, which incorporates residual networks and consists of 50 layers. It is capable of classifying a maximum of 1000 objects and uses the ImageNet 1k dataset. Walk through the nitty-gritty of this ongoing project by heading over to my blog.

Deep Learning
Hachingu - Learn To Read & Write Korean
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Designed and developed an educational app with Korean lessons, quizzes, tips, and a writing trainer. Created a trained a CNN model for the writing trainer of the app and deployed to mobile using tensorflow-lite

Mansana - Be Productive
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Mansana is a gamified productivity app with collaboration, pomodoro timers, achievements, productivity tips and more! I made this app for a freelance client.

Text-to-Speech Synthesis
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Explore a novel method for text-to-speech synthesis through Tacotron using only a few audio samples! Use this method to get audio output as similar and as natural as human speech.

Artificial Intelligence
Text to Speech

Upload your sales data and automatically perform forecasting with Holt Winters Method and ARIMA. Tweak parameters to create the most effective model!

HakkTaxi - Predict Travel Time
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Designed and developed the app with travel time prediction, azure maps integration and data visualization. Contributed and used machine learning techniques to predict travel time using GrabPosisi dataset. Formed a diverse team from SEA and emerged as champions for Microsoft Azure Hackathon 2020

Tilted Tables
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Tilted Tables is a fun and cute 3d puzzle game. It implements web monetization through coil which allows the user to unlock powerups. This game was built in 6 days for the Web Monetization hackathon.

Picnic Panic!
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Designed and developed a mobile game with in-game currency, cosmetic items, mini-games and boosters. Game was built for Android Masters, a national game development competition and became Grand Champion. Uploaded on Google Play Store and acquired over 400 downloads and acquired 4.8 stars with 30 reviews use bootstrap javascript components in React JS.

Cocos Creator
Cocos 2d
Papyrus - Expense Tracking App
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Designed and built an expense tracking app with visualizations, receipt scanner, chatbot, and store promotions App integrates with store inventory management webapp and implements TaggunAPI, an OCR service tuned for scanning receipts. App is published on the Play Store and uses Firebase for user data storage. App was built for Program The Future Hackathon 2019 and emerged as Grand Finalist

Mentallerts - Track Emotions From Tweets
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Designed and built an app that lets you track your friends tweets and their sentiments Azure NLP Sentiment Analysis was used to predict the emotion of a person based on tweets. App was built for Alliance Azure Hackathon and won second place.

Escape Velocity
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Test your timing and patience in this crazy, beautiful, nerve-wracking hypercasual game.

Cocos Creators
Cocos 2d
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Planstagram is your Instagram for plants! Post cute pics of your plants and share it with everyone. It also serves as a marketplace for greens and produce.

Google Maps
Grant For The Web Grant Awardee (2021)
Mozilla & Interledger Foundation
Received 27,000 USD in funding to develop and run Fliptoons.ph.
Microsoft Azure Data Science Hackathon Champion (2020)
Microsoft Azure & Grab Taxi
Emerged as champions for this international competition in the APAC region. Teamed up with people from Sri Lanka, Indonesia, and Malaysia.
Android Masters Champion (2018)
Google Developer Groups & Eclaro PH
Created and submitted multiple games as a first year college student and managed to become champions of this national competition in the Philippines.
Program The Future Grand Finalist (2019)
PTF is the most prestigious and high stakes hackathon and pitching competition in the Philippines. As first years, we created and pitched Papyrus and managed to become one of the grand finalists.
Alliance SteamCup Hackathon 1st Runner Up (2019)
Alliance Software
Created mentallerts and won first runner up. Competed with local colleges in Cebu City.
React Cebu Hackathon 3rd Place (2019)
React Cebu
Created and pitched a crowd-sourced fire reporting app

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